Forged Steel Hand Tools

Forged Steel Hand Tools

  • $35.95

Model No. 2500: Asparagus knife or weeder has an extra wide 1-1/4” tapered blade; total length, 15” with hardwood handle

Model No. 211: Heavy duty garden trowel has recessed 3” x 5-1/4” blade; total length, 11” with smooth hardwood handle

Model No. 880: Transplanter trowel with narrow 2” x 6” blade; total length, 11-1/2” with contoured handle

Model No. 218: Steel pointed dibble for field or general transplanting, heavyweight with wood handle; 1-1/8” diameter, 9-1/2” long

Model No. 200: Ideal garden weeder with unique configuration for general weeding in cultivated bed; blade, 1” x 6”, 11” long

Model No. 219: Aluminum Hand Dibble similar to model 218, yet lighter in weight.